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Member of the Georgia Chiropractic Association
Member of the Georgia Chiropractic Association

Dr. Kristie has practiced in the Woodstock area since 1997 and has developed a unique approach that combines skilled manipulation (with energetic, soft tissue and skeletal components), gentle coaching, and encouragement with powerful insight.

This approach allows patients to obtain quick results with treatment schedules that are much less frequent than most chiropractic techniques. Dr. Kristie’s special focus and passion are helping people change the patterns and habits that are preventing the body from healing itself.

Dr.Kristie’s broad knowledge in nutrition, sports injury, pregnancy, early childhood, neck and back injury, as well as her experience in personal growth, allow Dr. Kristie to partner with each patient to help them achieve their desired health goals.

Why Choose Us

To serve all individuals who are seeking quality Chiropractic Care and educate patients on spinal health, maintenance of health, and nutrition.

To respect our patients in regard to professional service and optimal healthcare.

We will offer our patients superior Chiropractic care and rehabilitation for their entire life. We will care for your family and friends with the same compassion because you have entrusted us with their care.

Our Team

Meet our team members, who are passionate and dedicated to helping our patients.
Neil Abbott

Massage Therapist (Woodstock)

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Massage Therapist (Tucker)

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Kyle Walsh is a National Board certified acupuncturist.

Acupuncturist (Woodstock)

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