Are you having Neck and Back Pain from an Accident?

Are you a person that has recently been in an accident, then you know that pain in the back and neck from the accident is nothing to joke about. Click here for help from Dr. Kristie Pszczola in Oak Grove, Lakeside and North Decatur area.  She actually became a chiropractor due to so many people

Are you having Back Pain from Sports?

If you love sports, then you are familiar with pain in the body.  As you play sports, you will have an extreme rotation in the body on most activities that can cause a lot of stress on the joints and other places in the body.  Even the casual person will take their body on different

Why do I have Aches and Pain when I wake up?

Clients are always asking why they hurt when they wake up?  Things that are going to make you sore are the pillows that you sleep on that may not give proper shape and support for the neck.  Other people sleep on their side or back and could contribute to the issues of having aches and

What is the Best Treatment for an Injury?

Without any medical training, it can be difficult to know what is the best form of treatment without going to the doctor.  If you had an injury that is traumatic like a car accident, sudden impact or fall there could be a chance for broken bones and you will need to be diagnosed before following

Shoulder Pain? Strengthening Tip #1

You can’t afford to have pain in your shoulder. Dr. Kristie of Family Chiropractic and Wellness suggests a simple stretch and exercise to add to workout program to strengthen your rotator cuff to increase the likelihood of a pain-free shoulder and body. One of the main muscles to strengthen for the shoulder area are Deltoids Muscles.

Runners Need ALINE

Summer is the time for road races! 2009 has been the Year of the ALINE for runners nationwide. From Boston Marathon to the Rock N Roll series, to local “K’s”, enthusiasts have embraced ALINE in a huge way, with amazing results… Family Chiropractic and Wellness is an Authorized Dealer for ALINE Insoles Orthotics – the