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Injury TreatmentWithout any medical training, it can be difficult to know what is the best form of treatment without going to the doctor.  If you had an injury that is traumatic like a car accident, sudden impact or fall there could be a chance for broken bones and you will need to be diagnosed before following up with treatment for the injury.   If you have a back injury, the doctor would need to thoroughly examine the area and see your posture and what is causing the problem.  Other problems that clients have are head posture with staring at the computer or electronic device all day, which is important to evaluate if pressure is being placed on the forward head posture skeleton the way it should not be.  Check our contact page for flexible hours and to accommodate your busy schedule.  The head is heavy and weighs around ten to fifteen pounds and they could not only cause neck pain but also up and down the skeleton of the body.  When you arrive at Dr. Kristie Pszczola chiropractic office in Oak Grove and North Decatur area, she will evaluate how your daily routine and lifestyle is and how the injury has contributed to the problem of being sore.  Some of the questions that would be asked include:

  • Do you sit for work?
  • Are you commuting long drives for work each way?
  • Are you sitting at home all weekend and evenings after work?
  • Are you mostly inactive throughout the day?

Exercise on a regular basis is going to be critical to feeling good and a regular adjustment or deep tissue laser therapy can stop the pain!

Deep tissue laser therapy is proven to reduce pain dramatically and the inflammation that comes with pain.  The treatment is painless, safe, fast and most people are getting results after deep tissue therapy.  The science behind the laser and way it works is a process called photobiomodulation, which stimulate the healing on cellular level enabling more rapidly produced cell energy.

See the process behind deep tissue laser therapy

Avoid the surgery and time that goes along with the surgery and quickly recover so you can get back to activities much faster.  If you are a patient, great results will be seen when you adhere to the treatment and clients will be set on regular adjustments until changes in how the spine moves and bones articulate with each other.  Stretches and exercises are also typically recommended along with chiropractic services that will help your injury.

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