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This page contains some of the heartfelt thanks which Dr. Kristie has received from her patients. Please read these at your convenience and see the power of chiropractic to not only alleviate symptoms but to help people achieve true health. If you have had an experience in our office that you would like to share with us, please use the form on the right or click on the Google image to review us on Google+ Local. Thank you!


“Over the last several months I have had significant and chronic challenges with my sinuses, chest congestion and breathing issues.  A little over a month ago I was finally diagnosed with Asthma after months of working with my Primary Care Provider and a Pulmonologist.  Over the many months where I was having challenges Dr. Kristie’s chiropractic care was just about the only thing that would help provide me with some relief.   She has spent large amounts of time with me talking through the challenges I was having and taking a true personal interest in helping me to get well.    She not only acted in a Chiropractic function but she also worked to research other areas I may want to explore in order improve my overall health (i.e. massage therapy, homeopathic therapy, physical therapy, Yoga, etc).  I am very grateful for all of her help and truly believe in Dr. Kristie’s ability to help improve one’s overall health and wellness. Thank you Dr. Kristie!”
“I started seeing Dr. Kristie in October 2012 after a hamstring injury. During my first visit she found that my hips were completely misaligned causing me a great deal of pressure and pain. She advised that I scale back my CrossFit workouts and showed me a few yoga and pilates exercises to strengthen my hamstring without over stretching. Dr. Kristie put a great deal of effort and time into healing my injury. I was not just a patient that needed an adjustment. I had a specific injury and she knew exactly how to go about healing me. Although it was my hamstring area that hurt, she was able to find the root of the pain in my hips. Previous chiropractors were not detailed enough to figure this out and actually ended up causing me more pain. I came into Dr. Kristie’s office frustrated many days but her positive attitude and determination gave me hope and I am certain that without her care I would not be pain free like I am today. Now I make sure to see Dr. Kristie often for maintenance rather than waiting for an injury and at 34 years old I am stronger and healthier than ever!”
“Dr. Kristie has truly been a blessing to me. She has helped me in so many ways.  Before I came to her, I had constant pain in my jaw, neck and shoulders. Since coming to her I no longer have pain in my neck and shoulders and rarely do in my jaw.  Chiropractic is something that will amaze you if you’re willing to try it.  It’s amazing how just adjusting your body you can instantly feel changes.  Try Chiropractic and definitely try Dr. Kristie!!”
Paula L.
“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Kristie Pszczola for some time.  What can I say about a person who displays all the kindness, consideration and expertise of the generation of professionals that once believed in their ability to care for those in need and actually made “house calls” day or night.  A breed of doctors that are no longer available, except in rare cases, and that is Dr. Kristie.  Now, don’t get me wrong, she doesn’t do house calls, at least I don’t think she does :), but she displays every other aspect of that caliber of doctor.  And through it all, she gives you that soft, healing touch, that only she knows how; and a great smile to boot!!!”
“I’m a patient of Dr. Kristie’s and I frequently use her massage therapist, Teresa.  I have been exposed in the past to other therapists and find Teresa one of the best.  She is well informed with the structure of the body and knows the proper techniques to implement to make corrective adjustments to help alleviate discomfort.  She will readily adjust her pressure to accommodate your degree of tension.  I have always had good results from my visits and will continue to request her specifically.  In a world of tension, a good therapist can be a beneficial asset.”
“Dr. Kristi turn all my bad symptoms around and I was healed and brand new after one to two months of treatment! Now a year later I still would recommend her services to anyone having back trouble of any kind!
Thanks Doc! You are wonderful! “
“Dr. Kristie and Teresa both work miracles because they are genuine caring competent skilled healers! Love them!!!”
Beth P.