Why do I have Aches and Pain when I wake up?

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Family Chiropractic and WellnessClients are always asking why they hurt when they wake up?  Things that are going to make you sore are the pillows that you sleep on that may not give proper shape and support for the neck.  Other people sleep on their side or back and could contribute to the issues of having aches and pain.  Purchasing really good running shoes is the same as purchasing a good bed and pillow to sleep on.  People who have an injury often have multiple reasons this is happening and treating the person should be done with proper diagnosis first.  Click here to make an appointment in Woodstock and Atlanta.

One of the most common reasons for pain or numbness is having a disc problem.  Disc problems include disc bulges, inflamed disc, disc herniation, extrusion and despite the issues, an invasive treatment with surgery is not always the answer.  Left untreated, permanent damage can happen and a quick consultation with a chiropractor can quickly heal the process and prevent an unnecessary surgery.  Make an appointment to speak with the chiropractic doctor and start the path to a healthier you.  Located in the Tucker, Lakeside, Oak Grove, and Chamblee area, chiropractic care is going to give you back your freedom and allow you to be active.

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