Are you having Neck and Back Pain from an Accident?

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Back and Neck Pain Are you a person that has recently been in an accident, then you know that pain in the back and neck from the accident is nothing to joke about.

Click here for help from Dr. Kristie Pszczola in Oak Grove, Lakeside and North Decatur area.  She actually became a chiropractor due to so many people having back and neck pain problems from accidents.  One of the biggest problems with a back and neck injury is from a traumatic car accident and the pressure that can cause inflammation that will last a long time if you do not get the body adjusted and corrected from the violent hit that shuffles the body around.

The reality of an injury in an accident can take up to a month before knowing the extent of the pain throughout the body.  Patients will feel worse before they begin to feel better because the body continues to become inflamed and makes you feel terrible for the first month.  It is recommended to see a chiropractor and actively walk and ice the areas.  The ice will calm the inflammation from the injury and give relief from the pain.  The stimulation of walking will allow you to remain flexible and produces natural painkillers.

The worst things you can do are remaining motionless and doing nothing, which only cause you to become stiff and make more pain.  Dr. Kristie will interview you and decide what adjustments, exercises, and stretching methods are going to best heal your body.  Make sure that you go to the chiropractor as soon as possible since the more you wait, the more pain you will have.

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