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Sports InjuryIf you love sports, then you are familiar with pain in the body.  As you play sports, you will have an extreme rotation in the body on most activities that can cause a lot of stress on the joints and other places in the body.  Even the casual person will take their body on different ranges of degree that can apply extra stress and pressure.  The spine can go through high-speed motion ranges on golf swings, batting swings, and so many other sports.  When you consider the pressure that people put on their body, you can understand how many of us have back pain.  The best advice is that you have a healthy lifestyle and take care of your body by stretching and keeping yourself limber when you play a sport.  Remaining active today can help the pressure that is put on the joints and body and someone that is able to stay fit is often going to be better on the body and spine.  After playing sports, be sure that you stretch the body, spending a couple extra minutes after playing will save you a lot of pain after time.  If you find yourself in pain after playing sports, call Dr. Kristie Pszczola, she accepts Cigna, United HealthCare, BlueCross BlueShield, Aetna, and many other insurance plans.  You will be able to schedule an appointment and additionally, make sure that you ice the spot to keep the inflammation down and remain mobile by walking.

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